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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

ALEXANDROS PERROS & THE LONE STARS - 20 Years Anniversary Compilation, 2CD + DVD (OSR-022)

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ALEXANDROS_PERROS__THE_LONE_STARS_-_20_Years_Anniversary_Compilation20 Rock'n'Roll years, 20 adventurous years into the wonderful world of rock'n'roll for Alexander Perros and his band. Amazing albums, countless live performances, images and stories in one 2CD plus DVD that contain the living history of the most important Greek rock'n'roller.

Participating musicians such as Pantelis Deligiannidis (guitar - voice on 3 songs), Dimitris Starovas (guitar on "Stars In Your Eyes"), Aris Rigos (guitar on 2 songs), Little Peter (piano on 2 songs) Giotis Pangalas, Christos Koutsouris, Petros Papakyriakou, Sisko Kid are among others the stars who brighten this stunning collection of the best songs of the Lone Stars, some of them unreleased and live versions and of course the DVD with rare live footage. As for the contributors of Alexander in those 20 years, George Manios (The producer!), Costas Hasiotis the restless bass, and Tassos Economou, the best drumming in Greek rock'n'roll scene!!! It hardly ends a rock'n'roll history so quickly in only 20 years. The party keeps going on!!!

CD 1: 1. Alcohol, 2. Stars Are Bright, 3. Alligator Walk, 4. Street Of Brocken Dreams, 5. When It Rains, 6. Already Gone, 7. Crazy Legs, 8. King Of The Jungle, 9. Nefertiti, 10. Blue Night, 11. Deja Vu, 12. Ghost Dancing, 13. Little Lone Star, 14. Nothing Left To Lose, 15. Cruella De Ville, 16. Flipside Stories, 17. Cruisin' Mean, 18. Big Kahuna, 19. Stars In Your Eyes, 20. She Bop's, 21. Darling, 22. Pink Cadillac Blues, 23. Jingle Bell Rock

CD 2: 1. Flippin' My Life Away, 2. Blue Suede Shoes Still Boppin', 3. Amphetamine Twist, 4. Shot In The Dark, 5. Party Time Pure Energy, 6. All For Nothing, 7. Betty Page, 8. Don't You Understand, 9. 911, 10. Run Away, 11. Words Can't Explain, 12. Voodoo Rhythm, 13. I'm A Rocker, Surfin SKG, 15. Ghost Dancing, 16. Rock Me To The Bone, 17. Already Gone, 18. The Twister, 19. Alligator Walk, 20. Down To Mexico, 21. Alcohol

DVD: 1. Deja Vu, 2. Shot In The Dark, 3. Already Gone, 4. Live In France, 5. Live An Club 10

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