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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

TRI-SONICS - Live In Prison, CD (OSR-016)

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TRI-SONICS_-_Live_In_PrisonDerek Singleton, guitar player and composer, is the "brain" of THE TRI-SONICS who's coming from Texas where plenty of youngsters learn to play the guitar in their adolescence! It is quite amazing the fact that he is professionally involved in several rock 'n' roll bands for 20 years now!

Living in Germany has managed to impeccably combine the American rock 'n' roll tradition with neo-rockabilly sounds and build the exciting sound of THE TRI-SONICS. Accompanied by Barbara on double bass and Dim on drums, they altogether offer an astonishing live album from the Stadelheim prison in Munich!

Highlights of the album are, Johnnh Cash's "Folsom Prison", Blondie's "Call Me", their smashing hit in Germany "Mystery Lady" and the brand new song "Solitude".

When rock 'n' roll is one's "native tongue", will surely know how to play and sing in the best possible way, like Derek does! Enjoy!!!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Folsom Prison Blues, 2. Rock'n'Roll Remedy, 3. I May Be Wrong, 4. Jungle Train, 5. Ooh I Like That Voodoo, 6. Solitude, 7. These Walls, 8. Mary Ann, 9. Mystery Lady, 10. Call Me, 11. Jailhouse Rock

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