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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024
MEANWHILE IN MEXICO - Rosencrants And Guildenstern Are Deaf

MEANWHILE IN MEXICO - Rosencrants And Guildenstern Are Deaf

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meanwhile in mexico - rosencrants and guildenstern are deafHang ten in Thessaloniki, Greece! The debut album of the new exciting instro/surf trio is here to stay!

Expect no less than a bunch of crystal-clear riffs from a virtuoso guitarist, proper dose of reverb, thunderous bass and surf drumming!

Essential ingredients on this recipe: Saxophone and Farfisa, which stir the sound to a more Mexican orientation.

The album opens with "Caboom", an excellent starter with proper dose of saxophone and a hint of "Wipe Out" on drumming! "Canta Coumanta", title in Greek slang is an attractive low-tempo number in the style of the legendary Lively Ones, ideal for a sunset on the beach! Riding the seismic ocean waves at the highest speed you should "Dial 1515" in case of emergency!

Either faster or slower, "Godfather" is one of the coolest cover versions ever heard! "In The Valley Of The Bi-Curious" is an awesome spy-inspired instro-surf tune with a B-movie touch! When you are approaching Albuquerque, remember to give a listen to "Left Turn To Albuquerque" for a secure turn! Stressing B-Movie atmosphere with dialogues from a vintage film on "Mound Bayou" along with excellent use of trumpet and great guitar riffs!

Noir on the beach with "Mysterious Stranger On The Beach", in the style of Jon & The Nightriders. Mexican orientated "Nose Ride" is one of the greatest numbers of the album using trumpet. Sax-drenched "Prince Of Surfia" with a proper dose of reverb is destined to those who aim to conquer the rough waves and get the title of Prince!

"Sad Mermaid (Of The Mediterranean)" is a low tempo tune with a moody feeling that perfectly reflects the sadness of the half-fish/half-woman creature! Excellent retreat with high speed guitar riffs on the Russian traditional "Tetris". One of the coolest tracks of the album with Californian type sax and plenty of humour on its Italian title "Tutti Cornutti"!!! Last but not least, "Zaira" is a seminal rework of an old Greek folk "rebetiko" tune of the mid-50's!

Enjoy the now-sound of Meanwhile In Mexico and get prepared for the next summer!

TRACK LISTING: A1. Caboom, 2. Canta Coumanta, 3. Dial 1515, 4. Godfather, 5. In The Valley Of The Bi-Curious, 6. Left Turn To Albuquerque, 7. Mound Bayou
B1. Mysterious Stranger On The Beach, 2. Nose Ride, 3. Prince Of Surfia, 4. Sad Mermaid (Of The Mediterranean), 5. Tetris, 6. Tutti Cornutti, 7. Zaira