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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

THE DUSTIES – Just One Night, 7" (OSR-031V)

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DUSTIES - Just One NightSwing / Rock'n'roll, cool, cheerful with pop references of the time. A bunch of highly acclaimed musicians of Thessaloniki's scene are the Dusties. On guitar Haris Granis of the legendary Bullets and BMW Rockers 57, on bass Dionysis Dotsios (Intiotek, Vinyl Black Stilettos UK, Guildford Symphony Orchestra UK), on drums Theodore Hitiris (Los Tromos), the great Greek saxophonist Haris Kapetanakis (Aroma Caribe, Blues Wire, Speakeasies Swing Band, 4 Hard Groove), the leading pianist Christos Pappas (S.Ink) and on vocals the amazing Stavroula Epimenidou, which has previously participated in B-Movies of Paul Pavlidis (Xilina Spathia). Produced by Vasilis Karkavitsas (Frantic Five, Five Star Hotel, Dread Astaire, Minor Mine, Dinos Sadikis, S.Ink etc) and mastered by Thessaloniki's No 1 producer George Manios.

TRACK LISTING: A. Just One Night
                             B. Live It Up