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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

VIBRATORS / GRIMES - Politically Correct / Panoramic, 7" (OSR-008)

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VIBRATORS_-_GRIMESTHE VIBRATORS, purveyors of the first UK punk movement back in the mid-70's, keep up astonishing the whole punk community with their unstoppable passion for 30 years now! Ian Knox and crew are still able to deliver punk-rock treasures much better than before using their unlimited talent! Their "Politically Correct" is as storming and powerful as their previous releases and teaches the new generation how the authentic UK punk should sound like!

THE GRIMES from Greece, formed in Belgium 15(!) years ago, match the UK pioneers in their very own way! The Greek representatives are by far the best act of the Greek punk community influenced from that 80's new wave-punk legacy of the UK! "Panoramic" with its politicized lyrics and fresh sound is an amazing sample of that entire Greek punk scene!

Make this limited Greek only vinyl yours, and let it be a part of punk-rock history into your room!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Politically Correct, 2. Panoramic

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