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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

PURPLE OVERDOSE - Painting The Air, LP/CD (OSR-005)

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PURPLE_OVERDOSE_-_Painting_The_AirWhatever anyone says about this incredible psychedelic project, which popped out in 1986, is no more than a matter of poor words! PURPLE OVERDOSE are among the very few honest representatives of the contemporary "paisley" culture after its initial movement back in the 60's! In their 17-year career they have received nothing but highly acclaimed reviews internationally! The band, devoted to the American and British blend of pure psychedelia, has a dedicated following since their first release as early as in 1988 and from then on they expanded their fame by working on several other albums throughout the years! Their complete discography consisting of masterpieces only, is a fact that proves the band's incontestable value!

"Painting The Air" is a precious collection of unreleased tracks and rare remixes. Gems such as "Painting The Air", "Still ill" and "Sail On Your Wings" among others are simply works of crafted art that will lead everyone to an endless trip in the land of Alice... The record is pressed on high quality vinyl and dressed in a multicoloured mind-blowing cover!

"Painting The Air" is a seminal work that will satisfy all the psych-heads and the connoisseurs of the scene and is evidently one of the most important psychedelic releases to come out in 2004!!!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Painting The Air, 2. Still Ill, 3. Sail On Your Wings, 4. Moonlight Sunshine, 5. Cosmic Ladder, 6. 2008 Old View, 7. Rain Without A Storm, 8. Golden Eyes, 9. (Shady Reflections At The) Magic Forest

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