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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

UNKNOWN PASSAGE - Tales From Prison, LP (OSR-001)

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IUNKNOWN_PASSAGE_-_Tales_From_Prisonf you're into the no fuss raw-garage /psychedelic side of the American sixties in the spirit of Syd Barrett and Rocky Erickson you'll be overblown by this gem. “Tales From Prison” is their first release consisting of 7 tracks and including a magical rework of Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd) and White Rabbit (Great Society / Jefferson Airplane) blended into a single track. Expect to be blown away by this prodigiously talented band! Last 20 copies!!!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Whisper, 2. Crying, 3. Lonely Times, 4. Little Bitch, 5. I Could Have Loved Her, 6. Tears And Songs, 7. Teddy Boy, 8. Wondering, 9. The Picnic, 10. Lucifer Sam & White Rabbit

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