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Thursday, 13 Jun 2024


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The story begins many years ago back in the carefree adolescence days of On Stage Records founder member. Like most of the teenagers around, collecting records was the major target dream. As the time goes by, 2001 is the blast-year where this enthusiasm and passion for music gives birth to the establishment of an independent record label.

Today, after 10 years of its presence, On Stage Records is one of the most important independent rock'n'roll record labels in Greece with plenty of productions and releases on regular basis. It is also home label of local and international bands. Some other main activities are promotional concerts of the label's bands as well as the organization of "White Boppin' Tower" festival which takes place in Thessaloniki.

On Stage Records has now expanded its activity by running a major mailorder of thousands titles (mainly on vinyl) in various genres. It is quite sure that the variety of titles along with the reliability of the service provided will meet the requirements and satisfaction of the buyers internationally.

On Stage Records steps up in the future with self-confidence and is always ready to serve delicious rock'n'roll meals to everyone!